Pricing is a key activity that should be assessed strategically at the early stages of planning market Entry. Yakumed’s pricing experts provide full support from early stages until product launch. We conduct the following activities:

  • Strategies to optimise National Health Insurance pricing and reimbursement
  • Preparation and submission of all required documents to the Economic Division of MHLW
  • Negotiation with MHLW on pricing negotiations
  • Support on any other related or follow-up activities

Multidisciplinary global team

Our team is composed of world-class experts with 30+ years of Japan experience.

Integrated robust strategy

We cover Regulatory Affairs, Drug Development, Licensing and Commercial Strategy.

Flexible and client focused

We are agile with strong focus on our clients. We cater our services to meet their unique needs.

Excellent communication

We are a perfectly bilingual team with a culturally-sensitive communication style.