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We are privileged to be working at of the new frontiers of the bio and pharmaceutical sector. As industry experts we are active at the intersection of science, technology, business, and regulations. We are constantly looking for world-class professionals who combine strong grounding in science (CMC, clinical, non-clinical, toxicology, regulatory, pricing), business acumen and a positive attitude to work in a collaborative manner with our clients. We encourage also young and ambitious talents to apply.

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What our team say about Us


(CMC/Regulatory Expert)
I really enjoy working with Yakumed. I love the friendly atmosphere and positive collaboration. I find it fascinating that I could also support the team on various business and therapeutic areas outside my core expertise


During my internship at Yakumed, What struck me the most was the extensive knowledge I gained about the pharmaceutical industry and the dedicated effort put into teaching me. The patience and time invested in my learning were significant and greatly appreciated. I am grateful for the invaluable experiences gained during my internship at Yakumed.


I enjoy working with Yakumed as it gives me the chance to support pharma/Biotech companies which are planning to submit New Drug Approval in Japan. We work in a good atmosphere with our clients. I strongly feel the joy of working as a member of Yakumed, especially when we achieve our goals on schedule and receive good feedback from our clients.


I enjoy working as a member of Yakumed CMC team, the roles are clear, and the team works in harmony.  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment every time we achieve the project goal together.  Also, the team members are open to learn from each other.


It is exciting for me to work with Yakumed to support overseas companies who intend to introduce their innovative new drugs into Japanese market. Yakumed is not bureaucratic, respects different opinions and fosters an atmosphere of positive collaboration.


It is a pleasure working with Yakumed. It has provided me with numerous consulting opportunities at the forefront of medical technology and therapy.